Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trouble in Gotham: The weird saga of a good-looking man

And one more tidbit that gives an odd insight into Rodriguez's personality and many concerns that his image is too important: When the Red Sox were in trade talks with the Texas Rangers for Rodriguez in 2003, Boston team executives visited the star at his New York hotel room suite at 1 a.m. Rodriguez answered the door in a suit with tie tight around his collar, Sports Illustrated reported.
So concludes the silly news service round-up of the recent ink-spill on the Majors' most expensive third-bagger.

I've always felt that someone wearing a finely pressed suit and greeting you in a hotel room at 1 a.m. is intrinsically good. Now, I must rethink that principle.

The New York Times recounts the inner-personal-emotional-feckless-athletic-grief experienced by the third-bagger:
The article details a meeting between Rodriguez and Torre that took place Aug. 24 in Seattle. Giambi prompted the meeting, according to the article, by telling Torre it was “time to stop coddling” Rodriguez.

“I basically said, ‘I know you’re hurting inside, because you know how much we’re counting on you, and we need you,’ ” Torre said Tuesday. “It was tough, in a certain way, but it was more in support of him.”

According to the article, Giambi had spoken to Torre because he sensed that Rodriguez was not being honest with himself about his slump.
Even the savage geeks at the Onion have assailed A-Rod:
NEW YORK—After suffering through much of the year with an aching heart, shattered self-image, and severely hurt feelings, Alex Rodriguez was placed on the 15-day emotionally disabled list, though the Yankee slugger did not rule out the possibility that the emotional wounds he has had to endure this season "may never truly heal."
Who knows what sort of Rink-Ankiel like breakdown is in A-Rod's future. Unlike any sport, baseball can break men. Prepare popcorn for A-Rod's at bats. Yes: Get your popcorn ready!

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