Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Double recap

What a fine day to take two from the Bravos. And for the first time in history, one player will win two BBPOTS player of the game awards in one day.

Oh and Carlos Beltran played centerfield.

BBPOTS Players of the Game: Shawn Green and Shawn Green.

Happy Recaps

A double-dip sweep of the hated Braves. Oh how sweet it is to defeat wife-beater Bobby Cox and his band of brigands. And what is it with rookies pitching shutouts. Let's hope Oliver Perez has a nicer run than Alay Soler, though he'll probably be sent down shortly...

BBPOTS Player of the 1 p.m. game: Shawn Green

BBPOTS Player of the 4 p.m. game: Oliver Perez

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