Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rain out

Back in the day, when we told you, loyal reader, that BBPOTS is a 'Connecticut and New Jersey Based Metropolitans Blog', we weren't lying. We told the truth. Was it newsworthy? Not really. But we're halfway moved into the neighborhood of the world's biggest Met fan, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has personally reserved us front row spots for the November world champions parade. Alas, term limits.
Anyway, this will, God willing, give us a chance to update our beloved site a little more.
Meanwhile, the Metsies were rained out tonight. They'll play two tomorrow beginning at 1 p.m. Rest, Carlos. Rest.


The flux is over, bitches.

Whew, well, it looks like Carlos Beltran is going to be OK, God be praised.

But even up 19 games or so, it still sucks to lose to the Braves, does it not?

Whatever, we're going to the series. They're not.

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Whew. Let's hope Beltran is OK. I can endure a couple weeks of Endy Chavez in center if Carlos will be back on patrol come the postseason. And he only injured his leg making a spectacular, game-saving catch in left-centerfield of "Crooked E" park. We've dropped two straight, but who really cares at this point? True, we've gotten two hits in the last 18 innings, but by the end of the day the magic number may be in single digits. It's all about perspectives, people.

BBPOTS Player of the Game Saturday: Carlos Beltran

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