Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Welcome, Sean Green

Set your alarm clocks, Metropolitan fans. In just a few hours, Sean Green, the Metropolitans own young Jewish Marlon Brando, will land at LaGuardia, hours before taking the field as a Met for the first time.

Let's show him a good time, ladies and gentlemen.

Happy recap

The most exciting team in beisbol made it a little more exciting than it should have been last night, as the Metropolitans raced out to a 10-2 lead over the St. Louis Cardinals, then held off a late charge to win 8-2.

Jose Bernabe Reyes - please someone suggest that another player is more exciting to watch - belted a three-run dong and two singles to take player of the game honors.


The Back Pages

Since we can only say so much about the Metropolitans' utter domination of all comers, the BBPOTS staff is proud to introduce a new feature to the site: The Back Pages.

Whenever a Mets story dominates sports coverage in the metropolitan era--a phenomenon that is becoming de rigeur among the New York tabs--we will show each back page and comment on the headlines of each, rewarding points accordingly.

No better story could begin this feature than the amazing comeback win last night, so here we go....

OK. Not bad. Or, in the words of DocGooden'sCat, "Yeah, you did, good job, get better." Overall not great, and here's why: The headline for the Glavine storyline is a good one, but with a win like they had last night, that's what you have to push. Newsday leads off with 1 point.

Just awful. But then again, could we expect much more from the New York tab owned by Rupert Murdoch? We'd give this negative points if not for the picture, which is superb. But "BOP & SWAP"?! We know the Post is reactionary, but liking this headline would bring us back to the '50s. 0 points.

This is just superb. The headline, the art, the sub-head, it's just the complete package. Not a surprise from the newspaper that on the same day hosts this superb column from Lisa Olson, in which she reminds us that Pedro "can find bliss in the bottom of a coffee cup." Indeed. 3 Points.

Happy Birthday

Julio Cesar Franco, 1991 batting champ, three-time All-Star, and the oldest player to ever hit a home run in Major League Baseball, turns 48 today. Even with years in foreign leagues not counting, Julio is 78th all-time on baseball's career hit list. This morning on ESPN's "Cold Pizza," he vowed to still be playing at 50. Let's hope he'll be doing it in a Metropolitans uni...

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