Sunday, August 20, 2006

Where's Mota?

Well, of course, he's the New York Metropolitans' latest project. Move over Oliver Perez.

Among Perez, Brian Bannister and Mike Pelfrey, I don't know whether to sit on the edge of my seat or hide under it.

Hernandez Watch

Today Keith:

-Followed up a dramatic story by Gary Cohen about how a Rockies' relief pitcher was once cut by his high school team and worked at Chuck E. Cheese, dressing up as a human-sized mouse. Remarking that he had never been to a Chuck E. Cheese and would never go to one, he listened in shock as Ron Darling described the loud and toddlerish happenings there. Keith was speechless.
-Addressing crestfallen Mets fans disappointed by the team losing three of four in Philadelphia, Keith urged them to 'get your heads out of the oven!' I really hope he was alluding to the fact that Mets fans, indeed, do love Ellio's pizza and nothing else here.

Sunday night

If you're reading this, of course you've already watched the Metropolitans sweep the Rockies today. But what to watch tonight as you iron your Monday pants for work tomorrow?
The always interesting Yankees-Red Sox series is on tv again tonight, with the two sides taking each other on for what must be the 54th time this year.
And the good news is, dear Yankee fans, you can watch tonight's action without having to hear the moron drone of Michael Kay, as the game is on ESPN. I heard the man declare during Thursday's day game that Derek Jeter was the leading candidate for this year's AL MVP award. Of course Jeter is having a great year, but that statement is just propaganda and nothing else, unless Kay is unaware that baseball teams still do play in America's upper Midwest.
Now, I know it's tough to root for the Yankees, but is it preferable to root for Curt 'I-joined-the-born-again-Christian-religious-cult-and-god-made-me-win-game-six-by-drawing-blood-on-my-sock-and-therefore-I'll-give-you-unsolicited-advice-on-who-to-vote-for-all-while-I-tell-you-how-much-charity-work-I-do-despite-the-fact-that-nearly-every-player-in-Major League Baseball-does-charity-work-I-am-by-far-the-most-annoying-player-in-sports' Schilling? This is a tough call.


Impending doom was the mood at Shea today, as the vintage uniform wearing Metropolitans swept the hapless Rockies despsite playing with fingers crossed for the health of Tom Glavine.

I'm no expert on Glavine's 'cold finger condition', but I know one thing: blood clots are bad. I'd pay all the money in my Banco Popular account to make sure the Old Goat is OK through the Mets' inescapable World Series run.

And what a game for El Duque, now the team's de facto ace along with John Maine. Seven scoreless innings, a clean base hit, a bunt for a base hit, a stolen base. The birth certificates are clearly wrong. He's obviously no older than 29.

And Carlos y Carlos esta muy guapo, both hitting solo homers for the Metsies today.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Orlando Hernandez.

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