Monday, August 14, 2006

Recap addendum

Well, except in the minds of a few thousand cheese-eating Philadelphians, tonight never happened.
Let's all just cross our fingers that Pedro's injury isn't more serious.

And likewise for Cliff Floyd, especially considering these new Sean Green rumours.

But Lastings Milledge did have a double, did he not?


Well, there is no joy in Metropolitansville tonight. Pick up your cell phones, Mets fans. You'll probably notice a new voicemail. Yes, that annoying Philadelphian you knew in college called tonight, to rub in his team's victory as if the Eagles had brought home a Super Bowl.

Take it in stride. Yes, Pedro is "day to day" and gave up 6 runs in one inning of work tonight. Yes, we lost by 13 runs. Yes, Shane Victorino hit a home run.

But we will rise again, comrades, and snuff out once and for all the stink of schadenfreude anyone driving through southeastern Pennsylvania in late summer perenially feels as the hapless Phillies fans bray as others feel just a fraction of the soul-crushing misery they endure their entire lives.

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