Monday, August 07, 2006

On a number of things:

*The bad news is: Paul LoDuca allegedly cheats on his wife. The good news is: Paul LoDuca cheats on his wife. When rumors surfaced that there was something wrong with Paulie, I stopped eating. He's a wonderful team leader, the best team leader behind the plate since Gary Edmund Carter, and to lose him would be tragic.
Of course, Michael Vincent Piazza was a great offensive catcher, as was Todd Eldrick Hundley for a year or two when he wasn't sneaking cigarettes in the clubhouse. But Piazza had about as much interest in being a team leader as Roger Cedeno did, and we're a better team this year without him.

*It's incredible how much better baseball uniforms look now than even ten years ago. Most teams have classy, good looking uniforms. We're not one of those teams.
The black uniforms were interesting in 1999, but they've run their course like teriyaki through Mo Vaughn. That goes for both the home and away black unis. There's only one team in the majors that looks good in black: the Chicago White Sox.
Both the away grays and the home plain whites are great Metropolitan uniforms - and I'll even compromise and say the occasional black hat looks good - although nowhere near as good as the classic blue hat. This may be blasphemy, but I've never really been a fan of the home pinstriped uniforms.

*Speaking of teams that look good in black, Big Ben is throwing well and doesn't look much like a muppet, Happy Heinz has stepped up into the void to become the unofficial team captain, Santoio Holmes hasn't been arrested lately and holy shit are Duce Staley's arms big. What I'm putting money on being William Laird Cowher's last year as head coach is shaping up to be an eventful one.

*And Steve Phillips just suggested that Ryan Howard is the NL MVP. I gotta go shit.

$55 million buys a lot of peanuts

There is a man, a certain man,
And for the Mets you can be sure that he'll do all he can!
Who is this one? This favorite son?
Who by his actions has our pennant rivals on the run?
Who chokes and pokes, enjoys a joke, and always comes through in the clutch and never ever chokes?
With wealth and fame, he's still the same!
I'll bet you five there's not a man alive who doesn't know his sight!
With all his might, he's David Wright, he's Mr. Wright!
He doesn't like that mister he likes good old David Wright!

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