Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Let me guess: Josh Willingham works out with Billy Wagner in the off-season.

Despite the outcome, some positives. Beltran stays hot with a two-run bomb in the third, Reyes had a 411-foot home run and a triple, Lo Duca goes 3-for-5, and Milledge drew three walks. Pelfrey wasn't brilliant, with four earned runs in six innings, but at times he was dealing. He's a rookie...what do you expect, grace and consistency?

This shit just happens sometimes, Metropolitans fans. Chins up.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Jose Reyes

Driven...by unbridled gayness

From the Associated Press...
New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter holds a bottle of his new fragrance called Driven Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2006 in New York. The fragrance will be available from Avon this November.

"I have been very involved with creating this fragrance -- everything from the blend of scents to the design of the bottle and logo," Jeter said in a news release.

The fragrance is a blend of chilled grapefruit, clean oak moss and spice.

Just another reason why Jeter is, and always will be, the gayest shortstop in baseball. My God.


Ed Coleman, appearing on WFAN, says that Duaner Sanchez is undergoing surgery right now on his shoulder. In addition to it being separated, Coleman alluded to ligament and tendon damage.

This makes him definitively out for the season.

Go Beto.

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