Saturday, July 29, 2006

Happy Recap

Last night, the Braves felt so down, because we turned them off, and they felt left out. We don't care no more, we walked out that door, right into a commanding lead in the division.

And believe me, when Pedro slumped into the dugout after giving up four runs in the first, things did not look good. But little would we know that a hit by Lawrence Jones in the third--perhaps the last hit of his for awhile after he re-injured his oblique muscle later in the game--would be the Braves last hit of the game, with even Billy Wagner looking pretty untouchable in the 9th.

The Metropolitans did what they always do, scraped some runs together, first with a Jose Reyes leadoff homer in the first, with the usual suspects, most notably David Allen Wright, chipping in later in the game. Hell, even Pedro lined a double down the line in the second and later came in to score.

Put simply, tonight was a statement game. And for all the Braves' bloviating about how they've won the division 14 straight years, it's all falling apart for Bobby "I beat my wife" Cox and his band of hooligans.

Seriously: in any other season, the bottom of the first would have been sayonara for the Mets, and it would have been the Braves to come in and close the door. But this year, my friends, the tide has turned to the favor of the good guys who wear the orange and blue, and we're going to ride it all the way to the pennant!

Also, any time that has a pre-game parade of NASCAR racers on the field deserves to lose.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Pedro Martinez

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