Thursday, July 27, 2006

Omar on WFAN

Omar spent about a half-hour with Francesa this afternoon. Among other things...

--He's "happy" with the starters, including Valentin at second for the rest of the season.

--He's looking for power hitting off the bench, someone "who can drive the ball and hit a home run," preferably a lefty.

--"I feel good about the bullpen, but in this business you better not get too comfortable about pitching," referencing the White Sox.

--Will there be big players moved (but not necessarily to/from the Metropolitans) by Monday? "I think there will be." Omar says lots of NL clubs aren't sure whether they want to move or not move guys.

--"Quality arms are at a premium, and some of the ones that are available are rentals" that teams are looking for "premium" prices in return for. Hmmmm, who does that sound like?

--It's "possible" to acquire a three starter before the deadline, but stressed that the three starter could already be on the team as well.

--Omar also wants a guy "who can pitch in the eighth inning."

--Sanchez/Heilman: "They can definitely be eighth inning, but what's wrong with having another guy back there?"

--Worries about Pedro/Glavine: "Not really." Glavine's pitched great the first half but not as sharp recently, but just needs to make "adjustments."

--Pedro will be "fine." Says he needs to regain command which he lost with the injury, and consistent outings of 6-8 innings going into late in the season "and hopefully beyond."

--Mike asked if there was a "big" pitcher out there that can be had for the "right price"? "As far as I know he is not on the horizon." But "Things can happen quickly in the next couple of days," and "I would not be surprised" if something happened, looks forward to getting "some very interesting calls this weekend."

--It's coming down to the wire because "everyone's so close" in the NL playoff race.

--Has Milledge fallen into disfavor because of his attitude? "No, not at all. This kid is really a special kid. His attitude is that of a 20-year-old kid that you'd like a kid to have. We are as high on him today as we've ever been before."

--Pelfrey? "Too early a sample" at this point. "When we planned this year, we didn't plan this year with Mike Pelfrey in mind," but "very impressed" with the way he's performed. "There's something special here, and hopefully he'll have a great career for us."

--Maine is also "a year away from being a solid, middle-of-the-rotation guy."

--Delgado: "What he brings to the clubhouse has been huge this year," even with sub-par numbers.

--Chavez/Valentin/Nady pick'em: Omar likes Valentin. "Smart" player that brings a lot to the clubhouse and has been a "big, big surprise", but other guys have been good too.

--Also, "possible" for Fonzie to have a role when the rosters expand depending on how he does in Norfolk.

--Today, press Yes or No, will there be a "prominent" pitching addition by Tuesday? Omar says "No."

Not much surprising here from Omar. Talking up our guys in anticipation of the deadline and playing down any rumors. But he did hint that there will be a lot of activity this weekend, so who knows what he has up his sleeve.

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