Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Recap

Entering my apartment in the top of the third inning, my first words upon turning on the TV were "Fucking El Duque!" But a few innings later, I self edited to say, "Fucking A, El Duque! Way to go!"

You have to give El Duque credit, being so trustful of a battery-mate named Castro, and holding the defending NL champs to three runs in seven innings.

Joe "Young" Buck and Tim McCarver bickered through the entire game, with Buck claiming Livan Hernandez would be a great pick-up for a contending team. Alerted to Livan's subpar stats this year, Buck harkened back to the 1997 World Series, where with a monsterous strike zone, Hernandez was superb. McCarver then pointed out that any team obtaining Livan wuold have to pay him $7 million next year, to which Buck began rambling about the greatness of WIllie McGee and the Go Go Cardinals of the early 1980s.
McCarver then threw a hissy fit about how the term "quality start" doesn't really mean anything. Somebody dump a tub of Gatorade over this man's head, please.

Xavier Nady, who's been taking full advantage of Willie's liberalized facial hair policies won POTG with a game-changing three-run bomb to left. Stay on top but remain from the underground indeed.

BBPOTS PLayer of the Game: Xavier Nady

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