Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Recap

Remember the Maine. That's what they'll be saying when we retire #33 at Shea 20 years from now. The guy's a stud. And Jose Valentin!

The only question I have is: what happened to right field after Delgado's home run? Looks like we went a little overboard with the pyrotechnics, but the guys on the WB never really went into it.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: John Maine

Happy Recap

Depth depth depth. Endy Chavez delivered us the game in the top of the 10th, and Wagner came in and closed the door.

Clifford seems to be right back on track, too, going 2-4 with a homer. Carlos Del-got-one, his first since our series at Fenway; hopefully he's back on track, too.

Tommy gave us 6.1 for 2 runs, which will be par for the course for him in the second half. The bullpen went 3.2 scoreless, with Pedro--Feliciano--getting the win.

Above all, our propensity for winning on the road should be encouraging, especially against a decent team like the Red Stockings. We're 10 above. 500 away from Shea--and 9 above at home--another reason that the new stadium will be a welcome addition in 2009.

Onward and updward.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Endy Chavez

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