Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lunchtime edition

One would think there's not a lot to talk about the day after a Metropolitan's off day. Not so.

-Some strange problems across town at third. Alex Rodriguez clearly faked an injury last night in order to get away from hearty boos after making three errors and striking out in a big situation. On Saturday afternoon, I, at Yankee Stadium, saw him roundly booed again by the home crowd after striking out twice. And while I don't usually condone home fans demoralizing their own players, it didn't bother me.
Something is clearly wrong here. Joe Torre should sit ARod down ASAP, and figure out if he's going to be comfortable playing out his contract in David Allen Wright's shadow. If not, well, I'm not sure what to do with him.

-Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Fonzie is back, playing a stint at Tidewater after being released by two teams already this season. And while he'd have to fight Billy Wagner for his old number, we may need some more help at second base this season.

-Mike Pelfry and his Jordanesque tongue wagging on the mound tonight against Wild Card leader Cincinnati. He was in trade rumours in the papers this morning, reportedly as part of a deal proposed by the White Sox that would send Freddy Garcia to the Metsies for Pelfry and Duaner Sanchez. I have mixed feelings here.

-Good to see the offensive outburst on Sunday night. Down 5-0, starter not pitching well, about to lose a series to the hapless Cubs, the ram had touched the wall. Luckily the Cliff Floyd-led Metsies took the hill.

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