Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All Star recap

Damn you, Zinidine Zidane. You broke my heart. You might ask, why are you, a god-fearing, patriotic American rooting for the French, Mr. Cat? Well, I have 4 reasons for you:

  1. I live in New Jersey
  2. Guidos.
  3. Italian flags
  4. Techno music.

Put them all together and you have my Sunday night.

Right up there with Zidane in the world of shitty, jerk-faced athletes is Trevor Hoffman, who cost the Metropolitans homefield advantage in the World Series tonight – as well as David Allen Wright and Carlos Beltran co-MVP awards.

David Allen Wright was well on his way to a Jordanesque triple crown – MVPS in the regular season, the All Star Game and the Series. Damn you, Trevor Hoffman, damn you! Bon Scott is rolling in his grave.

But it was tremendous to see all stars from both leagues wearing mini-Terrible Towels on their arms in honor of the Five Time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, was it not?

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