Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Recap

Three straight with the fish coming in for a series before the all-star game. Good to see Clifford get a clutch hit to drive in two early, though his getting hit on the forearm gave me quite a scare. But who comes through, as he does time and time again? David Allen Wright. His Lamont-esque youth and energy took the aging Lieberman-like Bucs off-guard, and though the stodgy Pirates, like Lieberman, tried to cheap-shot their way into the game, even beaning Steve Trachsel, we held them off with aplomb with the style of the Greenwich millionaire telecom magnate. We volunteer teach at Harding High!

But let's talk about MIKE PELFREY. He's up at last, but it's at the expense of Pedro going on the DL. Though that's always troubling, hopefully we can make our divisional lead count for something and have the rest of the guys in the rotation step up, or at least not give up much ground, in the next few cycles.

This weekend will be rocky for DocGooden's Cat and I. Updates will be horrifically late, it at all. We apologize in advance.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: David Wright

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