Wednesday, July 05, 2006


A few things I thought I might pass along:

The Metropolitans have six, maybe seven, all stars this year. This makes me happy. This is the most satisfied I’ve ever been since I willed myself invisible to escape a knife fight outside a certain Westville, New Haven, Connecticut bar I used to frequent.

Jose Reyes is the best player in the league, to paraphrase Shannon Sharpe. David Wright and Carlos Beltran are in the top 8.

I don’t like to call out Mets players for stupidity, and I hope we only have to do it so often. But this is for extreme circumstances, the few times when a cat should be booed at home. But the first BBPOTS Buttchips certification of the year goes to Pedro Feliciano for going at Willie this week. Willie’s response: “I’ve been around winners all my life and winners don’t act like that.” That’s smooth. Smooth as Bill Fuckin Clinton.

Angel Hernandez got religion and made the correct call at home the other day. Who knew?!

This ARod-Paul LoDuca thing has gotten a little out of hand on talk radio. These things go on more than people know, but few players are under the microscope that Rodriguez is. But since none of his teammates have defended him, and since I’ve never really hear a Yankee fan defend ARod, I feel like I don’t need to say anything.

Yeah we had a rough go at the AL East. Yeah the AL is better than the NL this year, by a lot. But the only thing that matters in besibol is the individual matchup, and the only team that really terrified me is the Chicago White Sox.

Get your polka shoes on, six of our guys are going to the All Star Game. Does anyone know who’s throwing out the first pitch? Clemente rising from the dead anyone?


Happy Recap

Really, this is the happiest I'll ever be after watching my team get no-hit for eight innings.

Luckily, Jose led the game off with his twelfth triple of the year, and four hits behind him gave Duque the cushion he needed to throw a spectacular game, which he did. One could have argued for keeping him in after 7 innings, but our pitch-count-conscious coaching staff had other thoughts.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Orlando Hernandez

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