Friday, June 30, 2006


Because of the smarminess of certain posters on this site, I hereby declare all making out between Red Sox and Metropolitan fans, literal or figurative, drunk or only buzzed, to be done. The night is done. Everyone is done. Everyone is going to bed. It's done.

And just remember, Tucker is on your team...

Start spreading the news...

Don't plan that parade route yet, Mr. Bloomberg.

Mr. Glavine stole the words out of my mouth, with the cliched "You're not as bad as you are when you're getting swept and not as good as you are when you're winning a dozen in a row." However, it looked to me like the team with the best record in the NL got out-NL'd last night. In a tie game, Coco Crisp bunted, stole, got sacrificed twice and scored the go-ahead run. And to quote an overplayed NESN promo "Did you see that catch that Coco made?!?"

A few observations about the Mets after seeing them up close for three days:

1) Their pitching staff doesn't have a lot of "swing and miss" kind of guys. I think in the entire series, I saw their starters throw a total of maybe five pitches at 90 mph or above. You could see in the at-bats against Glavine and Pedro that the Sox were just biding their time and waiting for their pitch, flicking their wrists to foul off the close ones. The pair of aces totaled one strikeout in 7-plus against the Sox.

2) The Mets are well aware of their 11 game lead and didn't feel that last night's game was a "must win." Floyd rehabbed in Single-A, while Delgado sat. Sure, it may be for the best in the long run, but it's not uncommon for a sweep like this to really take the swagger out of a team. Hopefully for them, they see it as more of a wake up call and not just an ass kicking.

3) Every time David Wright came to the plate in a critical spot (seemed to happen at least once a game, often more) I was terrified, but except for getting robbed by Crisp, he never seemed to put a great swing on the ball. I know he's much better than he showed in the series, but I'm thankful he was able to be contained.

As for Curt Schilling being a gigantic douchebag, I'm not sure if I agree. He's opinionated, sure, but dear God, think of how we would be perceived in public if we were 200-game winners and World Series MVPs and had cameras in our faces 24/7. Above all, he's not an asshole like Randy Johnson, he's not a primadonna like Pedro, he doesn't beat women like Brett Myers and he devotes a ton of time to charity and the cities of Boston, Phoenix and Philadelphia.

And if you saw the Mets win a World Series, you wouldn't care if Alay Soler and El Duque campaigned for Fidel freakin' Castro.

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