Thursday, June 29, 2006


I have nothing to say about this week's series in Boston, except 'Where's the booze?! Flowin' like mud around here.'

Luckily for us, we don't have to face the Red Sox for three more years. I'll explain. The AL's wild card winner will almost certainly come from the Central Division this year, and A Connecticut Yankee has assured me that the Yankees will win the AL East. So nothing to worry about.

One more thing: Can we all, fans of all stripes, agree that Curt Schilling is the biggest douchebag in the game today? Easily, I think. The man owes an apology to the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, many of which he has senselessly sent to their deaths (by proxy) through his whole, "I painted my sock red. Vote for Bush!" bullshit two years ago. Haditha was your fucking fault, Curt!


This hasn't been broadcast in the major media yet, but David Allen Wright's Golden Lab Retriever, Spangles, died this week after a heroic battle with a debilitating disease. So obviously the team has had other things on it's mind.

Ugh. Can't say much about this series. Obviously it's time for the Metropolitans to go home, take care of our kids. Cause we ain't gonna do shit about it anyway.


Look, guys. Everyone knows we're just sandbagging in case we meet the Sox in October. Think of the 86 World Series. Who won the first two games? The Red Sox, who joined with everyone in writing off the Metropolitans after going up by a couple. And the Phillies lost, too. No mas.

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