Monday, June 26, 2006

Day off

Who could've seen it coming? Less than a month before the all-star break, the New York Metropolitans have three viable candidates for the league MVP award, the pitcher with the most wins in the league and a closer poised to make a run at the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award.

David Allen Wright, PBUH, gets most of the chants, while Carlos Beltran seems comfortable as the team's best all around player and in the running himself. But Jose Barnabe Reyes has, in just 15 games, raised his average from .246 to over .300. To quote the late Christopher Wallace: "He gone from ashy to nasty to classy. Shit."

It's official: Jose Reyes is the most dangerous player in the National League. A .302 hitter is a .302 hitter, but when he's on pace to steal 70 bases and a boot of the ball means two extra bases. Oh my.

Happy Recap

So what did Jose Bernabe Reyes do Sunday? It was just another normal day: 4 hits, including a lead-off home run to start the game. Jose scored two runs and drove in a pair in the win against the Jays, which we grinded out despite another great adventure from Billy Wagner in the 9th.

Beltran put us up by three with a bomb with two men on in the third. The Jays' pitching down the stretch was never good enough to hold us, ensuring we'd give Wagner the lead he'd need in the last frame. Though he didn't give up any runs, he still made it interesting, putting two men on before deciding to retire the heart of the Toronto lineup.

Despite all his faults this season, Billy still has 15 saves and a 2.45 ERA thus far this season. Those numbers should be better, but if he can get in a groove going into the All-Star game (and more importantly, after it) then we'll all obviously be happier.

Words can't really describe Reyes' current hot streak. He's hit safely in 13 games straight, and his batting average is north of .300 for the first time I can really remember. In the last seven games he's gone 17 for 31 with 10 runs, three doubles, two triples, and a home run. Oh, and he's leading the league in stolen bases, triples, and runs.

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