Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Recap

What does David Allen Wright want to be, Adam Loewen? EVERYTHING YOU HATE

Good ole David Wright jump-started the lethargic Metropolitans offense with a 5th inning grand slam off of the aforementioned left-handed to put the good guys up by three.

Tommy was decent enough through six to get a win, though 10 for the season is probably more than he should have. But when's the last time our hurlers could throw so-so games and still scratch out Ws consistently.

Life is good for us Mets fans right now. Even Jon Stewart threw the WB a half-inning interview in the top of the 6th. Good to see he got some decent seats, even though his usuals were stolen before the season began.

Xavier Nady also made his return to the dugout today. He played in limited action in a minor-league game last night. Milledge has done his job while having this cup of coffee, but I think the reasonable thing to do at this point is send him down again when Floyd returns to get some more seasoning. If Nady starts producing and Milledge progresses suitably in the minors, we'll almost certainly see X dealt for an arm down the stretch once his trade value gets high enough. Or maybe we won't.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: David Wright

BBPOTS Metropolitans Fan of the Week: Bruce Arena


Well, Pedro was off, and so were our bats. Can we play all our games on the road?

And I won't even dignify Kris Benson's home run with discussion.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Lastings Milledge

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