Wednesday, June 14, 2006


8.5 is the number of the night. That's how far in front the Metsies are right now. Bring on the Orioles!



we're up 9-3, not sure how fell asleep. Rain delays have a tendency to do that.


And we're back. Darren Oliver is pitching.


Beltran doubled. Delgado singled. 7-2.

And I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain.

Whatever, Last of the Mohicans is on.


Oh, alright alright alright.

Wright homers. Endy Chavez hits a triple that, I guess, could've been caught by a younger Aaron Grosnevor Rowland. Lastings Milledge singles, scoring another. Then Reyes triples, scoring another.

The Phillies got two back.

If you're wondering what's going on on MSG during baseball season now, it's highlights of Dr. J's last game at the Garden in 1989.


Where to start? El Quque singled. Then Jose Reyes singled. Then, David Bell, clearly disturbed b a deranged man screaming from the upper deck, booted his second ball in as many nights. With the bases loaded, Brett Meyers walked Carlos Beltran, bringing another score in.

Another interesting moment was watching Reyes, with Bell off somewhere in the distance playing the shift, walking halfway down the line against Meyers, clearly infuriating him just by smiling.

Meyers needs therapy or a hug or something. He’s always walking around the mound yelling after calls he doesn’t like. It’s annoying even to watch. Must suck to know him.

El Duque, after the help of a Delgado error, put two on with one out in the bottom of 2. Some Phillie hit a long fly ball to right center, which Beltran impressively ran down. Ryan “Not ready for prime time” Howard inexplicably then ran halfway to third, then decided to tag up, then ran to third, and was aptly tagged out by the Big Aristotle for the third out.


An important game indeed. With a series sweep, or even a win, the Mets are living like pashas atop the NL east. Recognizing this, we again have a self-styled triumvirate of announcers for the game, despite Gary Cohen’s prolonged absence (Get well soon, Gary!)

During a pregame interview with Billy Wagner, Pedro Martinez provided comic relief by yelling gibberish in Spanish.

Booyakah! A double by Paul “Il Duce” LoDuca and then a double by Carlos Delgado got the Metsies on the board early. A single up the middle by David Allen Wright, praise be upon him, gave the Mets a 2-run lead – a blowout by World Cup standards - as Delgado, the Big Aristotle of the Mets, turned the wheels on around third.

Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez pitched brilliantly in the first, with a nice 9 to 5 curve to end the inning.


Well looks like a good day. Ben Roethlisberger is coming home from the hospital tommorrow, thanks to the outdoor vigil of myself and some other well wishers/tailgaters/trick or treaters. So in thanks, I'm going to stay here and blog, inning by inning about the Metropolitans tonight.
It sucks to know you might not be home in time for the first pitch when your leadoff hitter is up first, and it's Jose Reyes - easily the greatest live entertainer since Rob Thomas.

It's an important game, the swing game of a 3-game series against a bitter divisional foe. If the Phils take the remaining two games, well, we might have to take this summer more seriously. Sweep the Phils, and they are going out!

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