Monday, June 12, 2006

NL Ballot

Time for another examination of the NL All Star race.

Catcher: Who else but the league leader among backstops in runs, hits, and doubles, hell, even steals?! Paulie "Walnuts" Lo Duca

First Base: I'd love to be objective and go by the statistics, which would lead me down the inevitable path to Fat Albert. But it's just that. With all this Grimsley/Mihlfeld stuff floating around, it just wouldn't feel right. So I'll go with our favorite pacifist, Carlos Delgado

Second Base: Don't worry, I'm not going to write in Jose Valentin, though he has been resurgent. Though I hate him, it's got to be Chase Utley

Third Base: No argument. The leader in hits, HRs, and RBIs. Who else? David Allen Wright.

Shortstop: Though I'm a fan of the league stolen bases leader, I'll vote for Edgar Renteria as long as Jose's batting average is below .250.

Outfield: Carlos Beltran is second in the NL in slugging. Jason Bay and Alfonso Soriano aren't that bad, either.

Pitcher: It'd be Pedro hands-down but for our floundering offense and sieve bullpen when he starts. So we'll say Brandon Webb for now. I'd have voted for Arroyo if he still had dreads.

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