Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In defense of automatic check out machines

Greetings Metropolitans fans,
My dad has this principle: Don't use automatic checkout machines at the supermarket. It takes someone's job, he claims. Well fuck that. Tonight I sat there, watched this cat not be able to figure out how to use a cash register on this obese woman's $300 order. I stood there for 20 minutes at least. And, because of you, my young friend, I missed the top half of the first inning tonight. So I can't do an inning-by-inning blogging, like I had planned.

You explain it to all the disappointed BBPOTSomaniacs out there, ShopRite Boy.

Happy Recap

After such a crappy series against the Giants, it was so good to watch Jose Bernabe "Better than Dimaggio" Reyes start off last night's game with a yoke over the right field fence. Then Beltran got on, and Delgado finally got his stroke back with another bomb to right.

Our breath was still held, though, because Alay Soler, the erratic Cuban, was taking the hill for us. But given the advantage of the early lead, he went seven strong, scattering six hits and striking out seven while giving up only one run on a solo homer to record his first major league win.

A good way to start the road trip. VOTE FOR PEDRO!!!!

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Alay Soler

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