Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Milledge Time!

Hola, Metropolitan fans. Enjoy seeing a player in blue and orange wear number 44 while you can. Cause it'll be retired forever once Lastings Milledge hangs em up. He's here! Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day!


No, I have not been wandering the wilderness of National Public Radio. I was in Maine over the weekend, and my local cable guy still hasn't graced my new apartment with his presence, so I have to update our sidebars at work, where I always have little time.

But fear not. Soon I will once again have Internet access like a normal person, and we'll sort out all of the Player of the Game awards from the games we've missed thus far. Stay strong, Metropolitans fans. Breathe, stretch, shake, let it out.

Happy Recap

Put it in the books! These game-winning hits by David Allen Wright, fastest man alive, Son of Jor-El, are getting so routine, Mets fans don’t even lose control of their bowels anymore.

But Seriously, (Phil Collins reference there), it’s tough to ask more from a team that keeps taking two of three games from the opposition. But I will. For one, can we win a fucking game with Pedro on the mound? I know, in his mind, Pedro didn’t lose the game. And I know Jose Domingo Reyes knocked in the game tying run tonight, but can he please get a bunt down?

But by far the best baseball-related moment of the weekend was at Saturday’s game at Florida, where the Marlins and their fans were celebrating heritage day. Our own former first baseman Mike Jacobs was honored in the t-shirt giveaway as the Marlins representative to the Jewish faith. One problem: Despite the constant description of Jacobs as a “young Jewish Marlon Brando,” Jacobs is not Jewish. Nor is David Echstein. Kevin Youklis is. So is Sean Green.

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