Friday, May 26, 2006


Well, poop. Jeremi Gonzalez was terrible early but settled down to go 7 with three earned, but we just couldn't get knocks at the right time against Brett Myers, who beat us for the second time this year. Jose Reyes was ironically a triple short of the cycle after tying the game in the 2nd with a three-run bomb over the 371-foot sign.

I, like many others, listened to the call of the game on WFAN by Mike and the Mad Dog, and to be honest it wasn't that bad. As Gary Cohen pointed out after the game, he and the other regulars at WFAN will have a lot of smoothing over to do in the clubhouse because of comments from Francesa and Russo, but all in all I enjoyed the broadcast.

The only glaring shortfall was when Francesa did play-by-play. He was horrendous. But they sprinkled enough anecdotes and comments into the play to keep it going. After the game, one of the broadcasters commented that the hardest thing to do when calling sports on the radio is adjust to how fast the play is compared to when the ball is dead. You could deal Mike and Chris had problems with it, but they coped decently.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Jose Reyes

BBPOTS Metropolitans Fan of the Day: Bill Parcells

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