Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cat Scratch Fever - Wednesday Edition

"This game isn't about Billy Wagner. It's about the Philadelphia Phillies, nine-game winning streak." Well, way to go Brett Meyers, every time someone says something like that, you know what happens don't you? The other team - in this case the marvelous Metropolitans - put up two touchdowns.

Now just because of Meyers and these idiotic Phillie fans screaming at Wagner for making enough money to support his family as well as he wants to, that doesn't mean all Phillie fans are morons. I work with one guy who's a Phillie fan. He's a good guy. He's the only one I've ever met.

People from Philadelphia are just retarted. It's just a fact of life. This is a city where Rick Santorum has an office, for the love of god. Some cities never win any championships because they don't deserve them, and Philadelphia is no exception. It's a town of bad food and obese people. A modern day Sodom and Gomorrah wrapped together with hundreds of thousands of cheese-eating people of Southern European descent and Eagle fans (who are at least equally bad).

I'll give you a for instance: Phillie associates were threatening this week to play "Mr. Sandman" over the loudspeakers when Billy Wagner runs to the mound instead of "Enter Sandman." And why is "Mr. Sandman" popular with people in Philly? Why, of course, because it was featured in the movie "Philadelphia," sung by an impromptu barbarshop quartet with non-conventional interests of a sort. Great statement of manhood, you morons. This is why Allen Iverson doesn't practice for you guys.

So after last night's debacle, the Metsies are a day away from actually picking up a game on the Phillies on the road. Not shabby at all. And Donovan McNabb ain't never gonna win you shit.

Happy recap

And there are question marks about our pitching?

The Metropolitans knocked Cory Lidle out of tonight's game after he threw only 43 pitches, giving up eight runs in the process. Three Phils errors, including one made by Lidle himself, contributed to the meltdown, but the New York Nine did what good teams do, capitalizing on Philly's mistakes to take a 10-run lead in the third and never look back.

Thomas Michael Glavine went 7 innings tonight, his 23rd consecutive start in which he's gone at least 6, and is now 5-2 with a 2.19 ERA. He also went two-for-two, including a bases-clearing double to plate Floyd and Nady in the top of the third. Hell, Jose Reyes hit a home run. It truly was a laugher.

One thing I noticed, though, was how much of a dugout character Jose Lima is. You can't make that much of a judgment from his Sunday start, given the bullshit second inning balk and home plate calls, but I'd like to see him stay up for awhile if he can put a few good outings together. He helps keep the rest of the team loose, and the dividends of that showed tonight. When this lineup is on, it's scary.

Tomorrow we delve into the nebulous and much-maligned back end of the rotation. Let's hope we didn't waste all our run support tonight.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Tom Glavine

Willie on the fan

Willie joined Mike and Chris this afternoon.

On Heilman: "He wants to get back in the rotation at some point in time" but "He's done too good a job for us in the bullpen" to move him.

Rotation: "No real need to panic," "We'd weaken ourselves by taking a guy like Heilman out of the bullpen." He stressed Lima's need to use his changeup to hit spots. Banny will pitch a simulated game Friday. Jeremi Gonzalez is "a roll of the dice."

"Trades are going to be tough right not because there's not a lot going on until the trade deadline."

WR wants Banny to have at least one rehab start before pitching against either the Cards or the Yankees.

On Pelfrey: "He's a young kid you have to be really careful with." "You have to make sure he's ready, but I hope he's ready this year." June would be pushing the envelope, "but you never know."

Said Nady's defense concerns him, but he won't use Chavez as a defensive replacement "yet."

Called the next two weeks "a huge stretch for us" and "a tremendous test for our ballclub," and emphasized that good teams play well when the pressure is on.

On Beltran: "He's taking pitches, he's getting his walks. He's looking more like the player we'd like to see." Said he hopes to see him run more as his leg heals fully.

He likened Lo Duca to the captain of the team who is able to "Quarterback" a game.

He's really impressed me on these chats this year as opposed to last year. He's getting more comfortable with the press every day, and that will only help the team in the long run.

Unexpected Daps

I gotta give credit to Mike and the Dog today, who just spent several minutes trashing last night's home plate umpire Doug Eddings for blowing the call against Matsui in the top of the 9th and then ejecting Franco, instead of doing what he should have done, i.e. realizing he made one of the most horrendous strike calls of the season and shutting up to focus on the bottom of the inning.

Mad Dog: "He should be suspended," referring to Eddings, who he lambasted as "Hot Stuff" and a "Tough Guy" for his not being able to swallow his pride and realize he gaffed.

As they chatted YES showed the replay of the umpire clearly using the F-bomb against Franco before throwing him out of the game. So I guess umps can curse out players with impunity. Alright. Good to know.

Perhaps it wouldn't sting as much if Heilman's strike zone in the bottom of the 9th shrunk to about a third of the size of Tom "Flush" Gordon. Smoltz:Lima as Gordon:Heilman? Puhleeze.

But the umpires' union, while probably not as strong as the MLBPA, is still an unholy bunch of overpaid prima donnas. So no matter how much we grouse about needing the commish to investigate, it's most likely wishful thinking.

But don't despair. The Phillies fans inspired me against Bonds Sunday. How about we make a huge sign to hold up the next time Angel Hernandez or Eddings comes to Shea: "BEND OVER AND USE YOUR GOOD EYE!"

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