Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cat Scratch Fever - Tuesday Night

I promised I would post tonight. I cannot. I am left cold, filled with disgust.
In the words of the great William Laird Cowher, while shoving photographs into a referee's pocket, "This is a debacle. This is a debacle."


BBPOTS DAPS: JULIO FRANCO, for being ejected despite not being entered in the game.


A. Referring to the team of he, Cohen and Ron Darling as "a triumvirate."
B. On Brett Myers: "He's not Warren Zevon's excitable boy, but he does get emotional out there."
C. For describing the act of a hitting a baseball as "a cylindrical object hitting a round object."

The Constant Gardener

Pedro Martinez profiled in today's New York Times:
For those two hours, Martínez, the Mets star known for his intensity and cleverness on the mound and his quirkiness off it, is in the yard outside his six-bedroom Tudor revival home in Greenwich, Conn. He is planting. He is pruning. He is talking to his tulips. "What about you, beauty?" he will ask in language rarely, if ever, heard on a baseball field. "Aren't you going to grow up to be so pretty?"

Martínez is 5-0 this season, leading the Mets to one of the best records in baseball. But after a sudden series of injuries to his fellow pitchers, Martínez will be under increasing pressure to keep his team upright and to win the games he starts, beginning tonight in Philadelphia against a Phillies team that has won eight in a row.

It will be one more instance in which the 34-year-old, 5-foot-11 Martínez will blend ability with guile and attempt to master the batters he faces. No one does that better than Martínez, but being so good at it, he acknowledged, takes a toll.

"Don't ask me to be a pitcher in my next life," Martínez said last week, while sitting among his flowers. "It's too painful."

Cat Scratch Fever -

A friend of mine called BBPOTS irreverant yesterday. I had never been so proud.

Anyway, I disagree with my fellow BBPOTS posters about a possible trade for a solid No. 1 or 2 pitcher including Lastings Millege. Sure it sucks to give up a top prospect, but for an elite pitcher and a shot at a ring. I don't know. Takes some pondering. Not now. But a month from now, we'll see.


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