Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cat Scratch Fever - Wednesday Edition

Games weren't supposed to end like this this year. Pedro would pitch wonderfuly, or gently as CopyEditor would say, and Billy Wags would come in to save the day. It didn't happen.

But thanks to the hustle of Edny Chavez and what the women of Queens call Carlos Delgado's "magic stick," the Metropolitans pulled it out, despite sometimes subpar play and conditions best suited for Alaskan crab fishing.

Nine games over .500, a great mark considering the entire team seems to be slumping.

BBPOTS PLAYER OF THE GAME: Carlos Delgado (Edny you'll get yours, don't worry!)

On Pedro and filling space in the sports section

Newsday takes Johnny Damon's recent trip to Fenway Park to cover the Metropolitans own Pedro Martinez:
"They're not really booing Damon," Martinez said last night. "They're booing the fact that he went to the Yankees . . . I know this from my heart: If he went to any other team, they would have been like, 'Oh, Johnny, would you marry me?' like it used to be."
Perhaps. The jeers seemed their jeeriest when the Yankees were close to defeat on Monday evening. Newsday's preview of the series merely ... uh ... EIGHT weeks away:
Martinez will get the chance to experience some of what Damon did - at least the returning to Boston part - when the Mets play an interleague series at Fenway Park on June 27-29. Does he expect to be booed?

"I hope not, but there are some people . .. I don't know how they feel," he said. "Knowing my fans and the relationship I had and how much I expressed how I wanted to stay ... it wasn't my choice. I wasn't given the choice to actually think about, I was pretty much let go."

Martinez said he's looking forward to going back to Boston, but hopes to not have to pitch. "I'm looking forward to being there, but not to pitch against my ex-teammates," he said. "If I have to do it, I'll do it in a professional way, like always, and just have fun with it."
Oh it will be silliness galore, Gentle Pedro.


A valiant effort from DG's Cat, but his posting pace couldn't keep up with Michael O'Connor's devastation of the Metropolitans lineup.

And now for the Pirates.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Carlos Beltran

Cat Scratch Fever - post

To take a page out of the book of BBPOTS' other regular blogger, I passed out in the middle of the game. The Mets lost. Boo

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