Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cat Scratch Fever - Todd Hundley Edition

A fine win for the Metropolitans. We will tear down the walls for our returning heroes, as a former Greek diner host of mine would say.

I was about to be happy about the win tonight. Then I had to listen to an angry cab driver, speaking of Greeks. Gas prices are so high, he’s losing money. The cab companies aren’t helping their guys out, so the regulars are threatening to strike on Monday. If they hire scabs, well, “we gonto turn the cabs over, boss. We gonto flip the fuckin cabs onto the streets!” according to the now-well-tipped cabbie.

I sympathize with the guy, who added: “They come right down Washington Ave., take all the illegal Mexicans outta restaurants. They work hard. Go make them legals so they pay taxes too – then everybody even! They go get these people cause Bush said come go get them! Bush gonna fuck everybody up! He no care! Next thing, we gonna do the Iranians soon! Bush no care. That Iranian guy, he a real wiseguy too! He don’t wanna listen to nobody! Bush is gonna ….. (Hellenic muttering).”


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