Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cat Scratch Fever - Wednesday Edition

I've been hearing a lot of petty complaints lately about my prolonged absence. Oh, BBPOTS is slippin'. BBPOTS has hit a slide! BBPOTS needs to get back on the sauce! Well, sometimes the great ones need to take off a day game after a night game, and sometimes a rapper needs only to put out an album every seven years. So tough ish.I've listened to Mets' games in some strange places this week: on the New Jersey Turnpike, on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in taverns and at home. But Tuesday night, while traversing the Pulaski Skyway, aka 'The Stash,' here in North Jersey, I thought of a truly great baseball player: Carl Yaztremski.

Yaz, as he was known to the New England faithful, was just passed on the all-time home run list by Gary Cuthbert Sheffield. I believe Mr. Sheffield perjured himself, and, if David Allen Wright wills it, he'll be sharing a jail cell with disgraced politicians in the near future for either a. that whole illegal drugs thing, b. that whole assaulting a fan thing. Frankly, if Yankee fans had any self respect, they'd tar and feather him in monument park for having the audacity to don their historic uniforms with a painted-on moustache.

Then there's Barry Lamar Bonds, who goes about in pity for himself. Barry gave us Metropolitan fans quite a scare tonight, taking our man Bill Wagner - whose performance enhancing drug of choice is chewing tobacco - deep in the late innings. But a win is a win, and playing .500+ ball on the road without a star centerfielder is nothing to sneeze at. But the taters of both Bonds and Sheffield should leave every hardworking baseball fan feeling a little bit dirty.

Last night was not a proud one for baseball fans. It was a night for sneak-thievery and coveting and heathen music and anti-Papist conservative politicians who want to deport hard-working Mexicans back to their poverty-stricken homeland. That's why sometimes it takes extra innings for the good guys to win.


Happy Recap

A nice, exhausting getaway game for our run into Atlanta. Good to win the series, though, and especially in a gut check performance like today's. The team showed zip, and they didn't get down on themselves in a tough spot. Besides the home run, Wagner was unhittable, and it's a shame David Allen Wright, the holy of the holies, had to guide his throw high of Delgado. But David, the seer of the seers, knew that the team would come back to win in extra innings.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Jose Reyes


Nady went yard again and Trach gave us a good start. Due to my early hours I didn't see the game, but this anecdote was related to me via AOL Instant Messenger:
DocGooden's Cat: hernandez went crazy about some idea bobby v apparently had once to createa conveyor belt around a ballpark
DocGooden's Cat: and people would pay money to stand on it
DocGooden's Cat: and it would take them around the park during innings
Hotfoot Fan: hahahahaahaha
That's Bobby Valentine, inventor of the wrap.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Clifford Floyd

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