Sunday, April 23, 2006


A split with the Padres. Not much to really get excited about, especially given the starting pitching performance of El General. Every start, I keep telling myself to treat it like a spring training game, but it would be hard to put up with his shit even if it were spring training!

And though I hate to say it, is anyone else missing Carlos Beltran in center? Obviously we pray to David Allen Wright that 'Los' hammy is healthy, but did anyone really care when he was out last season? I say sit him all he needs this early in the season, but if this sort of thing recurs a lot, it'll be hard for him to play even 130-plus games.

On to San Francisco, which is a city I've gotten drunk in.

BBPOTS Player of the Game: David Wright

Happy recap

I was passed out for last night's game in its entirety, but watching the highlights just now on was quite exhilirating. Eleven Ks for Pedro, X and Fluff Castro go yard back-to-back, and Carlos Del-gets-one for the third straight game.

Putting together a good regular season is all about winning serieseses, and winning one to begin a west-coast road trip certainly puts some wind back in our sails, especially after a tough extra innings loss.

And who gave us just what we needed? After our bullpen got completely depleted Friday night, who took the mound and gave us 7 innings of one-run baseball, striking out 11? As if we even have to ask?

BBPOTS Player of the Game: Pedro Martinez

Of course, I forgot this morning that it's a four-game series, and we're down a run in the sixth as I post this. But even a split is decent here.

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