Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday's talking points memo

Wow. Give it up to DocGooden's Cat, everyone, for a brilliant performance last night...I mean, any time a Vieques reference can be woven so seamlessly into a post, kudos are deserved.

And yes, a nice W for the Metropolitans last night to start off the weird west coast/Atlanta road trip. But as DG's cat said, the biggest issue right now is what's going on with Carlos Beltran. I think we should probably just shut him down for however long it takes him to completely heal, but that obviously presents a conundrum.

Already the hoi polloi on Metsblog are demanding a Lastings Milledge call-up, and they make a good argument, saying there won't be any pressure on Lasty knowing he's just up for two weeks early in the season.

I have to disagree. Milledge is our most touted prospect since David Allen Wright, who calls himself I AM, and if the Flushing franchise has had a reputation for doing one thing right throughout the years, it's taking enough time to groom players in the minors before calling them up too quickly.

On the safe side, Milly won't be an everyday player until at least next season, so why should we rush a call-up now? If he gets hot, maybe we keep him up, but in the long run I think we'll run too much of a risk of stunting his development, and with a swing like his, that would be a crime.

Still, it's really hard to watch Endy Chavez play for a single game, let alone a couple of weeks. But we're still 15 games into the season, so for that we should be thankful.

As promised, today's unbridledly optimistic win prediction is 117.

Cat Scratch Fever - 9

Jose Valentin got a hit and Jorge Julio threw a 1-2-3 inning. My life is complete now.

A great win for the Sterling Nine , showing they could play with confidence after a dreadful series against the evil ones. It's a good win, and a nice start to a 10-game road trip.

Let's be honest, Met fans. We don't have it so bad right now. Wanna see bad? Watch Isiah Thomas' press conference after the Knick game tonight. Showing George Bushesque post-Katrina idiocy, Isiah stood there saying he would make all the same trades and all the same signings again. This from a GM who still owes Allan Houston, retired for two seasons, $20 million. At least we're not still paying Mo Vaughn!

Phew! I'm pooped.

BBPOTS PLAYER OF THE GAME: KAZUO MATSUI (He hates when you call him Kaz.)

Cat Scratch Fever - 8

Write it down, lads. Get out the editing pen for your record books. Julio Franco, 57-years-old, the oldest major leaguer since Satchel Paiger, became the oldest dude to ever hit a home run in a baseball game - right into that weird jury box thing down the right field line.

Not to be outdone, Carlos Delgado, a Vieques native playing this game in a Navy town, took out all his anger for his bombarded homeland on Alan Embree's low and in fastball. 405 feet. To right center. Gone in any park anywhere - except maybe Forbes Field on video games.

Sounded like a lot of Met fans were in the stands tonight. During the 8th, healthy mix of boos and cheers from the stands. Of course, it could've been a race riot.

Cat Scratch Fever - 7

OOOH WEE! PUT IT IN THE AIR! What a play by David Wright to end the inning. After a single, a walk and an infield single, Metropolitans skipper Willie Randolph, possibly the best sports mind since William Laird Cowher, brought in Duaner "Dirty" Sanchez to get a double play. And not just any double play. David Wright, praise be upon him, dove left, caught the ball, got up, tossed to Matsui (Who to his credit took an elbow to the midsection), who tossed to Delgado to get two. The crowd booed, which was noteworthy because people in San Diego don't get excited about much.

In the inning's two pitching changes, the staff at Petco Park played "We Will Rock You" and "YMCA" in possible the greatest collection of gay rah-rah music heard at a venue not named Yankee Stadium. All that was missing was the guidos yelling at each other. "Yo, Bobby, I just drank like seven Red Bulls! My nipples are like rocks in here!"

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