Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cat Scratch Fever - Weekend edition

New York is a new world this spring, a cacophony of men, women and children in blue and orange hats root-root-rooting away for the home team. I saw the Metropolitans live Friday night, and thanks to what was revealed to me by David Wright, the most merciful, the redeemer, the unbearded Piazza, the socially unakward Seaver, praise be upon him, a city now believes in the only baseball team in town wearing the colors of New York state and city.

The Braves are sweltering in the heat like locusts. And I shall return on Sunday night to chronicle their fall, as well as whatever Paulie Walnuts says about Mookie WIlson on the Sopranos this week.
8 and 2, up in the Wu library, the Mets have truly read Malcolm's "By Any Means Necessary."

Player of the year race, first 10 games

Player of the Game Standings

Hard to say much about this race only 10 games into the season, but the most striking thing about these standings is that no one Metropolitan is carrying this team. In our first 10 games, everyone rose to the occasion at one point or another, and it’s spurred us on to our finest start to a season in more than two decades.

And starting pitching is also an encouraging thing to have step up early. Four players of the game out of 10 were starters. We’ll need them to work down the stretch, so I’m enthused they’ve hit the ground running from spring training.

Of course, our frontrunner must be David Allen Wright, praise be upon him, the first immoveable mover, Yahweh, Shangri-La and El-Ti, The Hojo, the Hernandez, and the Holy Mookie.


Sorry I've been away for awhile. David Allen Wright gave me a nephew Wednesday night, and at work last night our Internets were malfunctioning.

Regardless, the Metropolitans went 1-1 during my brief hiatus. DocGooden's Cat was at the game last night, and a first-person post from him should be forthcoming. I urge you to check back frequently for it.

So today our outfield forgot how to play defense, our bats were silenced by Tomo Ohka--yes, Tomo Ohka--and Trachsel was sloppy. A forgettable game, which a team is bound to have a few of through the season.

But 8-2 out of the gate? Such a stellar record cannot be overlooked, even on the day of a defeat.

Chins up.

BBPOTS Friday player of the game: Tom Glavine
BBPOTS Saturday player of the game: Jose Reyes (for drawing a walk!)

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