Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Recap/Cat Scratch Fever - Passover edition

Forgive my brevity; it's been a long high holy day - three hours of which were spent figuring out my taxes at H&R Block. And I'm not even Jewish. As you may have guessed by my profile photo, I'm Polish Catholic.

Sitting at my desk today, hard at work, I hear a strange noise: my phone is ringing. As my rhythmic ring tone ("I Gotta Stay High" by the Three 6 Mafia) blared past the ears of my Anglo-Saxon coworkers I reached to see who it could be. It was none other than Hotfoot Fan, telephoning me from a joyous family occasion.

Fearing the worst, I grasped for the tele. I answered, but it was too late. Carlos Delgado had hit a homerun, and Hotfoot Fan had dropped to the floor, doing pushups at a frantic pace.

His arms must've been tired. Two touchdowns for us, two safeties for them.


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